Shower demolition

The contractor arrived and demolition began on the shower in the master bathroom. I was apprehensive and excited all at the same time. I really do hate that we are spending all this money to fix this shower just to turn around and put the house on the market and sell it, but the shower is a problem. It is a real problem. It has to go.

We were about to find out how big of a problem it has been.

It really did not take the contractor long to take the shower apart. I am thoroughly impressed in his ability to get the shower apart. That tells me that he was either really good at what he does or our shower was put together that poorly. Then again, I suppose it could be a combination of both. Looking at this picture, however, I am going to go with the fact that our shower was just put together with a whole lot of “cut corners” and it did not take him long to get the shower apart because it just came apart. 

This…this I will attribute to our contractor’s skill. He got that shower apart without making a huge demolition mess. What you should notice is that there is not a whole lot of appropriate building material behind those shower ties. In fact, it was outright missing. In most places it was just 2 layers of sheetrock behind the tiles. There was not even an appropriate level moisture barrier in the shower.

What do we call this? We call us very lucky that our problems were not any more extensive than they were when we broke into this shower. The contractor did in fact find the leaks that we suspected were there. They were not as bad as we expected. That was the good news. There were leaks elsewhere in the shower that we were not expecting. They were more seepage leaks from the description, but there were some further materials that were needed to fix some of the small damage left behind. Not a big deal, just a little more work.

Oh and the faucet valve was leaking. That we did not know about. I suspected that there might be a problem with the faucet as the shower head was sometimes dripping at totally random times. It was not all the time and it was never consistent, but it would just randomly drip. Just once or twice and then it would be done. The Moen valve in the wall was going out. This actually does not surprise me since I had already replaced the cartridge in the Moen faucet in the tub upstairs back in September.

The good news is that the shower is started. The process has begun. In a short time we will have a brand new shower that does not leak anymore and the door will stop creaking and popping every single time we open it. We will have a beautiful shower to enjoy for a short time before we actually sell the house.

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