Andrew’s new peer group?

Andrew received a scholarship from the Terry Foundation.

I am truly grateful that he has received this opportunity and this morning we drove up to Denton, Texas to meet with his fellow Terry Scholarship recipients for a breakfast before Freshman Orientation at the University of North Texas.

I have to say that the Terry Foundation receives high praises in my book. Making this transition a little bit easier. Every representative we have spoken with has been a phenomenal help and friendly.

This morning Andrew also got to find out who his roommate would and meet him for the first time. I have to say that this seemed to be a bit awkward, but I suppose that always is.

This is the group of incoming freshman Terry Scholarship recipients that were present for the breakfast. They will become a part of the larger “Terry family” on the UNT campus. I believe they said there were about 150 of them total now.

Andrew is the one in the blue shirt on the back row in front of the wood wall portion between the window and door. His roommate is the young man that is even taller than him to the right on the back row to the right of the door.

The meeting was informative and they learned which freshman “honors” course they were required to take, had a few ice breakers, what they were required to do to keep their scholarship, etc. Most importantly, they got to meet each other.

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