That Rainbow Afro Wig

The rainbow afro-wig has brought a lot of fun to our house since we got it a few years ago.

It can be used for all sorts of things.

For example, it can be used as a “prize” in a game if you lose as was the case in the marathon Risk game with the missionaries on Thanksgiving. Poor Elder Graves has not lived that down yet. Every time he comes over, we have the rainbow afro-wig ready for him. His new companion, Elder Evans, thinks that we are crazy. A little secret…we are. Shhhh…that is our little secret. Elder Graves wears it such pride, however. Evidently, he figures that if met his Risk match at the Sansom house he should at least wear the wig with style, which he does. He has lots of style. I have to admit that the rainbow afro wig has kind of grown on him.

The best part about the rainbow afro wig is that no one can take you seriously when you are wearing it. Even better is that you cannot take yourself seriously when you are wearing it. Because of this, it works great for turning a really grumpy mood into something a bit more cheerful…

Take this picture of Lance, for example. Lance was in a really grumpy mood today. I am not sure what got into him but with all the stress that he has been under at school and just life in general, he was particularly grumpy. I had had enough and I called for the rainbow afro wig. It was laying on the floor and that is what made me think of it. He was sentenced to rainbow afro wig time. It did take some “physical force” to get it on his head, but he finally did submit to his “punishment.”
The best part is when you check out his face once he submitted to wearing the rainbow afro wig. Check out that smile! The bad mood was crumbling and melting away. The wig was doing its magic!
Lance even stopped struggling with his brother, Kyle, and let me take his picture. He really did not want me to take his picture. I cannot believe that my third (and last) child has reached the stage in life where he does not want me to take his picture all of the time. Where did all the time go?

Heck, he finally even smiled for the camera. I think that was so that his brother would let him go. Which he did after I got my picture of him half smiling.

The rainbow afro wig makes its rounds. Even I will sometimes wear the darn thing. Sometimes you just have to…it makes you just let things go if even for a few minutes – forget about all your cares in the world and just be silly. It is okay. Silly is okay for a few minutes.

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