Sneak peek at holiday project

If there is one thing I love, it is Christmas decorations. I will confess to that without any coaxing. It is just one of my weaknesses.

Fortunately, I have plenty of holiday fabrics to spare and you all get to see the end results. Or in this case, a sneak peek of something to come…

This is just a small portion of something I am working on. It will be available for sell when it is completed. There will only be one like it.

Now to find something to go on the back…while I have lots of holiday fabrics, I will not admit to having lots of large cuts of holiday fabrics. Fortunately, my weakness comes 1/4 yard cuts at a time. For the back of this, I will need at least 52″ in length and width so a pretty hefty cut of fabric. Actually, it will get pieced together on the back width-wise, but I still need the length.

I am delighted with how it looks on the front. I cannot decide if I am going to scallop the edges or leave them straight around the edge (well it will be round). I also cannot decide if I want to leave it a seamed edge or put a bit of piping in there to give it a big more around the edge. I guess I have a little more time to decide since I cannot find that perfect fabric to match to go on the back.

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