Saying goodbye to our Sister Missionaries

We have had sister missionaries in our little (geographically) Memorial Springs Ward for so long, I am not sure we will know what to do without them. Today our ward got “white washed.” This means that they took both our existing missionaries and transferred them out, transferring in new missionaries in their place. In our case, it means we are losing sister missionaries and gaining elders.

We will miss our sister missionaries. They have worked diligently to spread the gospel here in this area.

Sister Filikitonga (left) will be heading home to Tonga this week. Sister Walker (right) will be heading to College Station. She will return home shortly as she only has until February left on his mission I believe.

Taking the missionaries to transfers on transfer day is fun because you often get to run into some of the missionaries that were serving in your area previously like Sister Ririe (left).

Ben and I came together today so that we could bring our elders back to our ward, unfortunately, our new elder (Elder Graves) does have not have his new companion yet. He had not arrived from the MTC (missionary training center) yet, so they will joining us later in the week. We look forward to having them in our home going forward. We were supposed to feed them dinner tonight, but we will catch them sometime later in the month.

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