A Sam’s Club find

I make it no secret that I am allergic to pork. It is a miserable thing when I get a little bit of it. It makes me sick. It is not even a little bit funny. Lately I have been buying a lot of convenience breakfast items because we have found that our “non-breakfast” eating kid will actually eat breakfast if it requires NO TIME to prepare on the way out the door.

In all fairness, the kids do get up and are out the door at a very early hour and I have a hard time eating that early in the morning if I am up at that time (rare). I get that they want to stay in bed as long as possible. Time is important to them. So we have found a few things that Andrew in particular will eat on the way out the door to early morning seminary even at 5:00-5:20AM.

Of course, a lot of these convenience foods involve pork. A lot of breakfast foods involve pork for that matter. Ick! Can you feel my frustration? It ultimately deprives me of a lot of protein in the mornings and sometimes it gets old. Sometimes there are times where I too need that quick meal on the go because I am running out the door as well.

Well check out what I found at Sam’s Club today…

Evidence that Sam’s Club does care about the people that shop there. Okay it is probably just a health kick thing, but I do not care what their reasoning is I can actually eat this. Alright, I will be honest I have to strip the American Cheese off the thing before I eat it, but the rest of it is fairly safe and I am happy about that. Woohoo!!! FINALLY something for me!!!

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