Another karate test

Lance has shown a lot of discipline and focus the last little while. He has really worked hard in karate. With this determination comes rank advancement…

Lance waiting patiently for his turn to show his skills during the test. Lance is testing for purple belt. He was kind of sad about this because it means he will no longer be wearing his favorite color belt – green.
Lance doing the Intermediate Staff Form. All the kids testing for Purple Belt did the form together with a “lead” which in this case was a Brown belt with 3 stripes. The goal of this was to try and stay together as a group – synchronized. This particular form, however, had some staff twirling that required them to go individually so that no one would get hurt. At these points, the lead would go first and then they would go left to right across the floor.

Lance tested with 17 kids tonight. It was only him and 2 other kids testing for purple belt – Meredith and Phillip (to his left). His cousin, Katlynn Mowrer, tested for orange belt. Here the kids are lined up for the awards ceremony of sorts. They are getting ready to award the kids their new belts. All the kids passed their advancement tests.

I am especially proud of Lance tonight because he had been sick in the weeks previous to this. He had very little dedicated preparation for this test. He had been in and out of the dojo all month because of the various illnesses. He made this test look easy. He was truly ready for this test even if he was very nervous in the beginning. He especially did not hesitate on his board break! Way to go, buddy!

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