Wimped out, but it was a good thing

So I wimped out and drove over to get Lance. I met him at the back of the subdivision. I checked the weather app and it said that it was raining outside. That was not 100% accurate when I pulled out of the garage. It had been raining. It did start drizzling lightly when I was in route to the school so I did not feel an ounce of guilt for making the decision to drive. I do not like riding in the rain. Why? Everything is wet and the pedals get slippery and it is just not safe. Honestly, I would not have had a big deal with it, but it appears that Andrew has not put his new bike lights on his bike yet so that does not thrill me to ride in the rain without them. I have done that before and that is even less safe.

At any rate, I did drive. I do not feel guilt. Lance got to the car and as we were loading up his bike in the back of the minivan, I felt his back tire. It was flat. I am not talking a little bit soft, I am talking completely flat. No air whatsoever! What? We just aired it up this morning. It was a good thing that I made the conscious decision to not ride over to the school and pick him up on bicycle today. We would have been stuck with a flat tire. That would have been not so fun to deal with.

We have aired it back up now that we have been home. The question is will it hold air at all? The fact that it went flat in less than a school day worries me a little bit. So we are checking to see if it holds air at all. If it does not we will take it over to Bike Barn and have them fix it for us. I just do not have the time or desire to do it myself today.

I will not lie and say that I am not grateful for the afternoon off from riding, my hips hurt.

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