That was sharp!

A couple of weeks ago, Lance found this rock. It is not a spectacular rock. it is just a rock. He found it at the church outside while he and Porter Smith were running around waiting for the Cub Scout Leaders to show up. It was drizzling. He came to the car, climbed in the front seat, and said, “I found this rock. It is pretty cool. I am going to add it to my rock collection.” I told him to put it in the little nook on the dash of the mini-van where it would not get lost. I did not pay it much attention. I just left it laying there and figured he would come collect it for his rock collection soon enough.
Kyle found the rock there the other day and he was looking at it. Of course he was not just looking with his eyes, he was holding it and touching it. This was causing a little verbal spat between the two brothers. I told Kyle to give Lance his rock. Lance had asked to see it. There was nothing in my mind that would prevent him from having his rock. I just wanted the argument to stop as I was driving at the time. We were on our way to the karate dojo at the time.
Here is his rock. It is a nice jagged and sharp rock. There was some discussion as to whether or not this could be considered a weapon or not.
The next thing I heard…”ouch that’s sharp!”

This was the result that went with that statement. There was now blood gushing out of Lance’s finger. He sliced his finger open with that rock. Fortunately, we had one of the first aid kits from the Wilderness Survival and First Aid classes Ben, Andrew, and Kyle have been taking in preparation for their Philmont trip this summer in the car. Kyle snapped into motion to get him bandaged up before I had blood on anything in my car.

The good news is that the wound was not severe. It was just a surface cut, but it did hurt pretty badly. It bled pretty good the first day.

The rock? It is still in my car on the dash where it was returned after the cutting incident. Yes, the rock is sharp.

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