There is a merciful God

When we think we are at our breaking point and things just keep getting piled on, it is important to remember that our Heavenly Father is still watching out for us. He has faith in us and our abilities even when we do not. See that is when it is most important for us to have faith in Him, when we are hitting our tipping point.

There is this phrase that I actually hate to hear because it never really helps, but it is said a lot. “He will never give you more than you can handle.” I have found over the years that this is not true. He does not give us anything, He just keeps a vigil watch over us to make sure sure we are not heavy laden to the point of breaking past the point of no return.

The relationship between our Heavenly Father and us is not mutually exclusive where He dishes out and sees how much we can handle and then easing up if we appear to have too much to handle. This time on earth is our “probationary” or “test” period. Things here are going to test and try us. It is meant to be a “trial” and unfortunately that means that sometimes it is going to be a little uncomfortable or even hard for us. It could even be down right difficult for us. This does not mean that our Heavenly Father has stopped loving us, it means that we have fallen short somewhere in most cases.

Our relationship is a two way street so to speak. When we hit those darkest hours – rock bottom – we are no abandoned, and it is not too much for us to handle. It is not even just what we could handle and no more. It is just that it important where our burdens be laid. We have to remember to turn to Him and lay our burdens at his feet. He promised to take them and carry them so that we would not be “heavy laden” and we could “rest” for a while, He did not promise to take them away.

How do we turn to him? Prayer. Contemplation. Meditation. Quieting the soul and letting Him touch our hearts and speak to us. We open the line of communication with sincere prayer, laying our deepest and sincerest desires, needs, and worries out there for Him. He knows what they are, but He wants us to simply ask and tell Him what we need or want. He wants us to humble ourselves and simply ask. It is in those dark hours when we have quietly humbled ourselves before our kindest and most merciful Father that our burdens are lifted and the light begins to shine.

The storm may still rage around us. Our Heavenly Father is awesome like that, sometimes he “calms the storm” but sometimes he “calms the child.” He will do whichever one is best suited for the purpose at hand. Maybe we do not need our burdens lightened, maybe we just needed our body and mind clarified a little bit to have the strength to endure a little longer. Maybe we simply need to know that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” so to speak and He will gently whisper that to our hearts giving us strength to carry on.

It is amazing the love He has for us and how He knows just what we need when we need it. When we ask and listen, He will calm us and tell us to hang in there just a little more because it is not quite time. We might have our own time table for things, but He has a perfect time for things. We may be impatient, but he sees what lays ahead of us and what we need to do.

So when your head hangs low, remember to hit your knees and ask what you should do. Remember to listen to what He is telling you and whispering to your heart. Remember He may be hugging you instead of fixing things because things do not need to be fixed, you just simply need a reassurance that they will work out in the end. You have not been abandoned, you are being watched over from a far. You simply need to open the lines of communication.

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