Waiting for Christmas

We are not quite to the stage where we can completely avoid the early morning arising on Christmas day. You would think this was possible with older children, but even with a nine year old, that “magical” element is still there to entice them. Lance was the first one up this morning. He was the first one to light up the tree and see what “Santa” had left behind in his late night wanderings.

I have to confess that the sparkling lights make everything look beautiful and magical and make me wish for times when I was younger and could still believe in all the magic the day brought.  I know the holiday means so much more than Santa and gifts that he leaves behind, but to just believe in that magic and be swept away in those magical and awe-sweeping dreams for a little while. It is okay to dream a little while and to be swept away in the belief of magic and whimsy once in a while.

Santa is always fun and leaves a trail behind at our house. He leaves the gifts in the fireplace and tumbling out. His gifts are almost always wrapped in the same paper. He always brings us new movies to watch.
Lance got a new “headset” for Christmas from his Uncle Paul. It is a noise canceling set of headphones. He was listening to music and sitting looking at the Christmas tree when I caught this picture. He was lost in thought. I am not sure what, but he was enjoying the view patiently and with distance between him and the gifts. 

After the initial flash of the camera, I was caught and he looked at the camera. Yes, the headphones have a really long cable on them. They are to be used with a game/computer system. He is using them with his iPod.

I love this picture of him wrapped in his green blanket looking at the tree. It is so peaceful and calm. It is a quiet reflection of the calm that exists before the frenzy of the day. I love this blissful picture of Lance and how he is patiently waiting for the rest of us to join him. We might not be able to avoid getting up early, but we do not have to worry about how many gifts are opened before the rest of the group has gathered.
While the color of this picture is darkened and off a bit, I love the lights in this picture and I love how it illuminates the picture of Christ on the wall. This is a gentle reminder of why we celebrate this time of year. 
Merry Christmas to everyone…may our joy be full and our hearts be in the right place.

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