Prepared for Christmas

Somehow, I managed to pull it together and get everything prepared and mostly get in the mood for Christmas. I wish that I could take solace in the fact that so many around me were in the same predicament I was – just not feeling it this year. Unfortunately, that just made me want to get out of the “bah humbug” mood faster. I could not let that rub off on my children. I am not sure what was so different this year from years past, it was just different.

Christmas Eve came however and the gifts were all placed under the tree. The stockings filled. 
The children were a little surprised when I only hung the three – their three stockings. I just could not bring myself to hang ours. I was not going to be filling our stockings this year, there was not point in hanging them.
Cookies were left for Santa. I know the children no longer believe in Santa, or what is “Santa” but we left our requisite offering for the “Magic of Christmas.” The boys have left British Penguins every year and this year we could not find them, we left British Digestives instead. In years past we have left Diet Coke for Santa as well. This year we were nice and left a full cup of milk for Santa to go with his Digestives. It was a small change in the tradition but sometimes change has to happen. There were no Penguin biscuits/cookies to be had.

The work for the night was done.

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