The greatest honor?

I think the greatest honor I could receive as an individual came today. I was taking the Sister Missionaries to an appointment at another member’s house this afternoon. We were talking about my baking. They know that I have a very large amount of baking to do in the next few days for the boys’ Philmont Fundraiser. They even offered to help me out.  

I mentioned that I would be making pies this evening to help ease the burden on time tomorrow. They were in awe and asked what kind of pie. I said, “Pecan pie. Do you like pecan pie? You will never taste another pecan pie like this.” Their response was a “yes, how are we ever going to ever be able to eat any other cookies? We are going to have send you monthly payments when we get home just to get some of your cookies.” I assured them that the cookies would ship because I had shipped them all the way to my brother in the Czech Republic when he was on his mission.
When they were over on Friday night for dinner, they had made mention about how I should start my own little shop selling them. That is all fine and dandy but then it becomes a job and not quite as fun anymore. These past few weeks have made me realize that I do enjoy it, but it is a huge time suck. Maybe if I had access to the huge commercial equipment that allowed for time reduction (ie not having to bake cookies one dozen at a time) then maybe I would hold a different opinion. 
There are also so many other factors that go into a food centered business, between the location, business licenses, food equipment, and dealing with inspectors…it is not a proposition for the faint of heart. There are a lot of things to consider. It is a pricy proposition. I am sure it could be a profitable proposition as well. 
While I am not completely dismissing the idea entirely, I am not completely entertaining it either. My little sister, Jennifer, and I actually looked up what it takes to run a Cottage Food business in the state of Texas a couple of months ago. It is less strict. It means that it is a bigger time commitment as I can only cook so much at one time, but right now it seems a far more reasonable idea. 
Alas this was not about starting a business, this was about one of the biggest compliments I have received ever! Two individuals told me that they did not think that they would ever taste another cookie like mine again. Wow! Serious big compliment! 
To add to that, I had a gentleman I did not know (and still do not know his name) walk up to me at church today in the hallway and say, “I hear you are the individual to thank for those amazing cookies. They were absolutely delicious. What did you use for the filling?” All I could say was, “Yes, thank you. Just raspberry jam.” I will admit to smiling from ear to ear. 
So I told the Sister Missionaries as I was dropping them off this afternoon that if I had any left, I would make them a small pecan pie. 
Somehow I am going to have to teach these Sister Missionaries how to make some really awesome cookies or give them the recipe before they go home. My children do not know the exact recipe, they know which one it is but it has undergone some revisions and the secrect ingredient is not written down on the page although the two youngest children have been told what it is. Kyle remembers, I am not sure if Lance does. 

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