Christmas trees strike again

I have done good avoiding Christmas Trees so far this season. The last exposure was before Thanksgiving.

Last Saturday I stopped at Chick-fil-a in Kingwood for breakfast and got 20 feet from the door maybe. Fortunately they put their tree visible from the window. I turned around and walked back to my car and left. It is that simple of a choice for me. Live tree – no business from me that day. Fortunately, Denny’s had a fake tree and I was able to feed myself.

Well today it was not that simple. I walked into the dentist’s office. The tree was tucked over in the corner. I did not see it. One of the kids says “umm mom, look at this, it is pretty.” I turn and look and I quickly retreated to the other side of the room. Oh man! I don’t think that the office people had seen anyone scramble or move so fast. They had a look of confusion because I was talking to the lady answering her questions as fast as I could. Finally one of the kids chimes in, “my mom is allergic to Christmas trees” and the other adds, “and poinsettias.” The other lady behind the desk says “then you do not want to stand there” and points around the corner. Oh man! A pine wreath hanging on the wall!

Now in all fairness they were awesome about it. They for me out of that room and back to the back as fast as possible. Right then. They took the kids right back.

The problem is, I was already exposed. It was done. I had two kids there for appointments that had never been to the dentist before and one of them was really nervous. I was stuck. The exposure already happened. It did not matter.

Fortunately, as I was sitting in the back filling out forms I remembered that I still had the Zyrtec bottle in my purse from the last time. Woo! I took one right away! I had already taken a dose of Zicam before leaving the house trying to ward off a cold.

The good news is that this time my tongue did not start to swell up like it did last time. That is a freaky feeling. I got the Zyrtec in my body and it started working about the time my body was hitting the height of the reaction. I was still having the reaction, but it could have been worse. My poor little Lance looked at me as we were checking out and he noticed my face and says “mommy your face is all red why is it so red?” I think the ladies behind the desk were a little worried about my response as they checked me out with a “we will call you.”

Unfortunately my head still ended up throbbing and stuffy.

Then I went to Walmart to try and finish up some Christmas shopping. They have been mostly safe to this point. Every thing has been contained to the garden center. I just stay far away.

Well I walked in the grocery end tonight. I looked at the candy selections that were on the right hand wall as you walk in. You know the gingerbread Twix and M&Ms.

I had this strong impression to turn around. I looked over my shoulder the one way and there was nothing. I looked the other way, and there tucked behind the center aisle stacked high displays that you could not see from the outside or walking in – the wood crates with lots of hanging real pine wreaths.

My heart sank. I was stuck! The exposure happened. I just walked away. That impression was my warning to not loiter there and to get away.

The problem is that I cannot take anymore medicine for a few more hours. I am maxed out…

So here I sit hopped up on Zyrtec, Zicam, Zantac, Flonase, ProAir, and Sedalmex to stop the reaction from earlier and the headache, unable to take more…and my eyes are now itchy and watery. My nose is runny…yes…I was doing so good…until today…

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