I was just being whiny and complaining

I know in the grand scheme of things I was just whining and complaining about the fact that my packages had not arrived yet. The fact is that I was really hoping that my mixer parts would be here already.

I am in a serious funk and baking makes me feel better most of the time. I will admit to the fact that baking does work most of the time when I need to relieve stress or just a general bad mood. It just makes me feel better. I can literally bake the stress away. I was hoping that I could bake the Bah Humbug mood away but I cannot do that if I do not have my mixer.

Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that I am just too lazy to do it by hand. Doing it by hand means much smaller doses and when I am in this kind of mood I need to go big or just go without. A dozen cookies is not going to lift me up or anything else for that matter. We are talking major baking here.

So I just looked on my package status and I have to admit that it brought a smile to my face.

First the three sleeping bags have left Mesquite, TX as of 11:29 this morning. They are on the truck and heading this way I suppose. I am not sure if they will make any other stops along the way, but at least I know UPS is at least trying to make progression in their delivery. For five days now they have been stuck on a trailer in Mesquite. Not helpful.

Second, I looked at the tracking number for my mixer parts and I have to admit that made me beam from ear to ear. The USPS is admitting to my parts being out for delivery as of 10:59 this morning. That is a relief because as of six days ago they had no record of them at all aside from the fact that they had been received. At least I know they will be delivered soon!

In some way that just makes me feel better.

I did get a few more of the ornaments on the tree this morning. Not all of them, but a few. I have to get the step ladder back out to do some more of them. I just cannot find my tree decorating mojo this year. Where did it go? Anyone see it?

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