I thought I had enough

I am usually really good about making sure that I have enough spare Christmas Tree replacement bulbs when I pack it up every year so that when I unpack it and go to set it up the next year I have enough to get the tree fully lit again. That was not the case this year. I had less than ten replacement bulbs to work with this year. Keeping in mind that every year I am replacing between fifty to eighty bulbs on the tree, this is not a good thing.

Alas, I am set about to fluff and get the stripes off the tree. I figured after a couple of years of a lot of lights it could not be all that bad, right? Well…

I am down to my last bulb. I have bulbs still out. I am probably only a third of the way through fluffing the tree. There are still three dark spots on the tree.


I guess a trip to Hobby Lobby are in order for today. At least it looks better than it did when I went to bed last night. This did help lift my spirits a little. By the end of the day I should have the ornaments on the tree and I am sure this will do wonders to put a smile on my face and get me in a festive mood.

I have to mention that the boys asked to hang my wreaths this year. The problem is that they do not hang between the door and the storm door. They are too big. Hence why we have not hung them in several years. One year I have hung them inside on the french doors, but that is not always convenient as the door gets opened and closed a lot. They are big and heavy. Well I figured out how to hang them over the half height wall that goes across the “cat walk” in the house. I am very happy about that. Of course now I need the garland that will complete the look. I have wanted to do that for years as well, but it can be expensive especially lit. I initially came up with this idea that we used to hang the wreath up there for the garland but when I looked at where all the plugs were I kind of held off on the garland. I had younger children and I did not want to have to drop that many long cords to the plugs where people could trip over them. There are no convenient plugs. Now that the LED lights are more popular, I am considering getting some of those to string with the garland and just getting the battery powered ones so that I do not have to worry about dropping cords at all. The kids would like that. I would like that I do not have to worry about anyone tripping. The best part, no ugly wires.

See, I just smiled about the thought of that. I guess I know what I am going to be scoping out at all the after Christmas sales this year. I did look at them at Walgreens this morning after dropping Kyle off at the Church for his meeting when I went in to try and find replacement bulbs for the tree.

Now I am going to go try and find some more raclette cheese, salami (pork and chicken), and go to Penzeys Spices with a friend.

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