A cello for Christmas?

I receive a text message from Andrew this morning at 6:33am that reads “Is my cello still by the Christmas tree?” I should add that I am not usually very awake at 6:30am so adding an additional 3 minutes to that does not help much. I vaguely remember seeing the cello case by the Christmas tree last night but I do not remember much because until I am awake, the brain is not fully engaged. 
My response? “Yes, yes it is.” I am not even sure I got up to check. I am sure a good mother would, but I cannot make any promises. If he is asking that it was there, it means he left it there, right? Process of elimination. I do have to admit that my next response was, “So you want me to bring it to you? By when?” I am not totally unreasonable even if I cannot remember getting out of bed to actually check to see if he left it there or not. 
Fortunately, he is a reasonable child. He told me I did not have to bring it to him. He would just play another cello today at school. See this is his “school” cello, not his home cello so the fact that he left it at home is a big deal. You have to check it out of the school. You practically have to smuggle the thing to take it anywhere. In all fairness though, the cost of the instrument versus what we pay for the rental and insurance on it, a little hassle to use it is a small price to pay.
All of that being said, however, I have to confess, that this does look mighty nice beside the tree. Unfortunately, I have to confess that Andrew is NOT getting a cello for Christmas. It is just not in the budget this year. While it would be nice to be able to say that this is what he is getting for Christmas and I honestly would LOVE to be able to give him a cello of his very own, it is not in the cards this year. I do admit to liking this picture though. A cello and a Christmas tree – two of my favorite things – together. Now if I could get Andrew to sit and play it in front of that tree. I am probably going to have to work a bit harder for that.

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