Seeing clearly now

Lance’s glasses came in on Friday. I will have to get used to Lance wearing glasses. It is just not “normal.” I am used to seeing Kyle in them all the time. I am even used to seeing Andrew in them from time to time. To see Lance in them, however, is just strange.
I have to say though that he is pretty darn cute in them. We had the store call us as they came in. These came in on Friday while he was at school. One pare of Kyle’s glasses were in as well. I took Lance when he got home from school to pick up this pair so that he would have them. 
I was amazed at the difference that they appeared to make on him. Evidently he had been having problems seeing for a while and while it is not that strong of a prescription it is enough to “unbalance” his eyes and make it hard for him to see. 
His other pair of glasses (along with Kyle’s other pair of glasses) came in on Saturday. We went and picked them up after Kyle got home from the LDS Scout Camporee. These are the glasses that he really wanted as they are (1) green and (2) his transition lenses.
All in all, I am happy with the Walmart vision center again with this round of glasses. The turn-around on the glasses was much quicker than expected. They told us originally one week. I asked them to call us as each pair of glasses came in. We ordered 4 pairs of glasses, two pairs for Kyle and Lance (each). The first pair of glasses was ready in two days. The second pair was in three days. Both of these pairs were the plain lenses. Lance was very disappointed as he really wanted the Transition lenses. Kyle too for that matter, but we had not picked up any of Kyle’s glasses so Kyle held no real opinion. They gave us a 20% discount on each of Lance’s glasses because Kyle got 2 pairs. I bet if I went back and looked at the receipt there might be a 20% discount off of Kyle’s second pair as well. I am not sure if this was a normal discount or the promotion they were running at the time we purchased. 
I was not looking to save the 20%, I was looking to save money over the optometrist’s office as I had already priced them there and I knew that I was buying 4 pairs of glasses. I also knew that the lenses alone were going to be $235 minimum for the Transitions. I still had to put the frames on them at the optometrist office. I was not interested in spending that times 4 even if they were going to give me a discount because we did not have “vision insurance.” Doing the math for 4 pairs of glasses at $300 each is about $1200 and I am not interested in that. No thanks. I knew that I could two pairs of glasses including a pair with Transition lenses at Walmart that would hold up to a rough and tough Kyle for under $200 because that is what Kyle had on his face and they were over 3 years old. I was going to be returning to Walmart. 
We have been back in twice with Lance for adjustments and they have been more than willing to give him adjustments. The second time, it was with his nose pads as they just do not fit as well as the first pair. He saw that his brother swapped out his nose pads on Saturday when we picked them up. Kyle likes the round nose pads so we just have them switched when we pick them up. So Lance wanted to change the ones on that pair of glasses (the green ones) because they were different than the other pair. The other pair was very comfortable, the green pair not so much after wearing them for a couple of days. We found an identical pair of his frames and showed the sales lady what the nose pads looked like and she noticed that the nose pads were the same they were just upside down. She turned his current nose pads upside down and that seems to have solved the problem. She told us that if in a couple of days it was still uncomfortable to bring them back and she would swap them to the round ones. The round ones are a little smaller. We will see. I think this is going to work as he has not complained about them since she turned them over and readjusted the ears a little.
After we got the new glasses, we were off as a family to go see a new movie – Ender’s Game. I think that is a good way to try out two new pairs of glasses. It was on the IMAX. We had really good seats in the middle of the theater about halfway up. It was a really good movie. If anyone is considering going, they should.

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