Froggy friends

Sometimes I wonder about the children and other times I do not need to wonder because I know they are perfectly normal children that are well adapted. They are perfect children in every since of the definition of what children are. Imperfect! 
I love my children with every ounce of my being but I love them most when they are just them – Andrew, Kyle, and Lance. I love them most when their unique personalities show through and there is no doubt which child I am looking at or talking to because there is only one child that they can be. The very one that did whatever they did. 
Every single one of them has been different thus far. I do not suspect that this will change any time soon or ever for that matter. The fact is that Heavenly Father blessed me with three individuals to love in three individual ways and oh how I have been blessed. 
This morning I have been reminded of that. Tomorrow is Lance’s 9th birthday. For some reason there has been a sudden surge of “Froggy” attachment. “Froggy” being his stuffed friend that he has has practically sine birth. His Grandma Tony sent it to him when he was a wee baby and he has had this thing ever since. Froggy has seen better looking days, but you can equate Froggy to any good Teddy Bear and you will know what I am talking about. 
This is Lance’s Froggy. That is his name. Just Froggy. Nothing fancy, just Froggy. Naturally, he is a frog. In all of his cute greenness, he is a stuffed frog. Lance favored him over any other stuffed animal he was given and they have been best friends ever since. It is a good thing we have never had an close calls or near losses with Froggy because I have never found a “good substitute or replacement” for him. I think that in 9 years if we have not lost him, we are probably safe at this point, however.
In the past week, Froggy has found himself some clothes. Lance came out the other day and announced, “Look Froggy has a hoodie.” Sure enough Froggy did have on a hoodie. This is seen in the picture, it is a blue hoodie that was from one of the Build-a-Bears in the house. I am not sure which Build-a-Bear stuffed animals is now missing its hoodie, but Froggy fits in it just fine. Evidently with our cooler weather coming in, Froggy needed a hoodie to keep him warm. 
This morning, however, Froggy managed to stow-away to church with us. Also seen in the picture. I turned around and that was what I found. Froggy at least was being safe in the car. He was properly secured for the car ride to the church building. I could not resist and had to take his picture. Lance made sure that Froggy was buckled in and the seat belt was properly positioned across his chest. 
This evening, we had progressed to Froggy needing pants. Lance declared that if it was his birthday tomorrow it was also Froggy’s birthday tomorrow since they were the same age. He reasoned that Froggy should also get a gift for his birthday. I was listening to his reasoning. He then propositioned for Froggy to get some pants for his birthday. He evidently needs some pants to go with his hoodie so his legs don’t get cold. 
I have to say that I love Lance a lot. He is a very creative child. He may be 9 years old and still has a stuffed frog that he hangs onto with much love, but who wouldn’t love this adorable stuffed frog? I have to say that I sometimes get to snuggle up with Froggy. When Lance recognizes that I am not feeling well or I have a headache or something, he will bring me Froggy to make me feel better. He will let me curl up under a blanket with his best stuffed friend, Froggy. He is very thoughtful.
I love you, Lance!

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