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I got back on the bike today for the first time today in a very long time. I was a bit worried about it actually. It was better to do a trial run today when we would have a half ride instead of on Monday when we were fully committed and I would have to go pick up a bike and child if it was just too much for my ankle to handle still.

I have decided that tendinitis is worse than a break. At least with a bone fracture you know that there is an end point at which the bone will heal and improvement in the pain will begin. It is harder to see that improvement point with a tendon injury. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful that I do not have a stress fracture across the top of my foot near my ankle. I have had three stress fractures in three of my metatarsals in that foot already and they are not exactly a piece of cake, but comparatively speaking at two months from the injury I was feeling some improvement already. Right now we are still at the swelling and it hurts to touch it stage. I am grateful I can still walk around fine for the most part but that does not mean that it does not hurt. It just hurts in other ways, for example when I wear shoes. Essentially anything that touches the top of my foot makes it hurt. That is not so funny. Tying a pair of tennis shoes across the top of it is about as painful as it gets right now. 
Anyway, this is about how we got to “Meet the Teacher” day at school this morning and how I got back on the bike again for the first time since last fall. The last time I rode was actually while my grandparents were here last November. That would have been early November. I did not ride much that week before then if I remember correctly because I caught a respiratory infection. So essentially I have not rode regularly since last October. We are now going into the last week of August so we are talking about almost a 10 month break in riding. It should not be a big deal, but we will find out in the morning just how big of a deal my body thinks it is. Right now, I am doing okay. I am not sore. I am just thirstier than normal. 
It was incredibly hot today. It was not even that hot by thermometer standards. It was just down right miserable outside though. I am just glad that I checked what the weather was going to be like after the ride because I might have changed my mind otherwise. Meet the Teacher ran from 10:00am until 12:00pm (noon). Lance had his piano lesson at 9:30am. We then made a few fixes and adjustments on bikes (mostly on Andrew’s) before we were off. We probably left about 10:30am. 
Poor Lance was drenched in sweat when we got to the school. It is between a 10-15 minute bike ride depending on how hard we push it. I did not think we were pushing it that hard but I will confess to not paying attention to the clock either. When we got to the school and saw that he was soaked in sweat, I did check to see how hot it actually was outside. To my amazement it was only 91 degrees but it felt like 103 degrees. It is that “feels like” temperature that makes it so miserable. It was so humid, so muggy. 
Lance had two teachers again this year. He has Mrs Barr for his home room teacher. His switch teacher is Mrs Locker. They both seemed really nice. Mrs Barr will do Math and Science while Mrs Locker will do Reading and Writing (the Language Arts). Both teachers will teach Social Studies. He will have PE three days a week, and Music and Art on one of the other two days.

He did not seem to be too excited about going back to school but after going up to the school, dropping off all of his school supplies, and meeting both of his teachers he appeared to be a bit more chipper about the idea. He appeared to be more excited about coming back after talking to the Principal, Mr Ludecker, who was there to welcome all the kids as they came in the door.

I do think this will be a better year for him than last year.

As we were walking around the hallways, Lance stopped and was looking in one of the display cases. He says, “I am in one of these pictures.” Sure enough he was! Lance is the third child from the left in the picture. Lance was elected to be a Blackshear Best Buffalo last year during one of the 9-week grading periods. This was voted on by his peers. Here are the 2nd grade winners for that particular grading period.  How exciting for him to be able to see that he did something long lasting at the school.

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