The hoodie creature

There is never a dull moment at my house. My wonderful boys keep me on my toes all the time. Usually it is Lance in the back seat doing funny things where I only catch a glance of them in the rear-view mirror. I have to say that this time, it was NOT Lance doing the funny things behind me. Let me first tell you a little back story.

Yesterday, I had my emergency root canal. That was the only out of the ordinary thing scheduled for the week. Well if you do not count the other two emergency dentist appointments on Monday and Tuesday, leading up to that point. It should have been a fairly routine week otherwise. Except that I spent most of my week sleeping through the pain in my mouth. I was pretty useless.

Today was a rush to get the older two boys to the doctor’s office for their annual Boy Scout Physicals. The pain after the root canal was surprisingly a lot less than I anticipated. I had forgotten about the appointment in the hustle and bustle earlier in the week with all the pain. Pain is an evil companion to hang out with. I am truly grateful that the doctor’s office called me yesterday at some point to remind me about the appointment.

Then reality at some point began to set in. How was I going to make this happen? I was going to be all the way down Champion Forest Drive right by 1960 for their appointment. I was conscious enough on the phone when they called me to ask to have them add me to the appointment for a Tetanus Booster shot that was much needed because I am going as an Adult Leader for Cub Scout Day Camp this summer. This was going to take some serious coordination and my brain was a painful foggy mush still. I am not entirely sure what I was thinking when I originally scheduled their appointment a few weeks ago. Actually I should not say that because I was scheduling it so that I would not have to pull children out of school. I try to avoid disrupting their schedule as much as possible. With Andrew’s orchestra rehearsals after school lately, Thursday was the only day free. They had a 4:00PM appointment and it simply meant that I had to pull Kyle out of school 30 minutes early. I could handle that. Not a huge deal. So that is what I scheduled the appointment for.

I was not thinking about the other things that are normally scheduled for Thursday evening! Cub Scouts is on Thursday evening from 5:00-6:00PM. Oh boy! This was going to be interesting.

Andrew came home on the school bus. I grabbed him coming up the street as I was on the way to go pick up Lance from school. I took him and Andrew over to go pick up Kyle from school. We then went straight to the doctor’s office. I was hoping that if we got their early, we would get in a little early. That was the case this time. I am grateful. Why? If we got in early, we could get done quick and we could head straight back up Champion Forest Drive to the church building to Cub Scouts and hopefully make it in time. It was going to be cutting it mighty close on time. I had my Cub Scout Shirt on. I had Lance’s shirt in the car. I had all my leader stuff in the car. I was ready and prepared to go straight there. Just in case. Sure enough we got out of the office in just enough time that I was able to make it to Cub Scouts at 5:05PM. That was cutting it close but amazingly everyone else seemed to be running just as late as we were. It worked out. Kyle served as Den Chief in spite of not being in uniform and Andrew wandered off to play the organ in the chapel instead of doing his homework.

It was on this mad dash drive to the church building that the crazy things in the back seat happened. I am not entirely sure what alien took over Kyle, but something got him. I looked back in the rear-view mirror and this is what I saw.

We had to record this silly moment for prosperity. It is these moments where the children are laughing and I have to look back and at least one of the children are asking me where my iPhone is that I want to remember always. These are the moments that really bring a warm feeling to my heart and a smile to my face. They are not enlightening or anything special but they are proof that my children have not been damaged by anything that I have done to them. My children’s creativity is at its fullest at these moments. Their spirit is alive and well. Their ability to entertain themselves and those around them is at its fullest. Their ability to take themselves lightly and just laugh is so keen and I love that about them. They know they have to be serious sometimes but they also know that they can be goofy and have a good time too.

I love Kyle.

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