What is this getting in my car?

Lance has taken a new liking to his bicycle helmet cover. He found it in the bottom of his backpack and when the weather turned cooler again and he could not find his knitted cap, he improvised. He used his bicycle helmet cover instead. He loves the thing.

I have to admit that I am bit worried about him losing it or someone stealing it. I would be truly saddened because of the amount of work that went into making it for him. He loves it though.

Lately, however, he’s been sneaking up behind me in all of his frog prowling ways and showing me all the fun things that he can do with this over-sized cap. His preference is to use it as a mask. He likes to be a frog with his makeshift “mask.” It is too bad it is getting warmer and he just can’t wear his bicycle helmet cover as a helmet cover. At least he knows how to improvise and make the best of the situation.

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