Yard work day two

Today was another day of yard work. Fortunately, today was a lighter day of work. There were flower beds to be mulched and clean-up to be done.

Kyle (left) and Lance (right) finishing up the various mulching jobs. We got all three of the remaining flower beds mulched this morning. The bricks are all put back into place where they belong in the brick walls surrounding the flower beds. The yard is looking much nicer.

Lance celebration the completion of the yard work. Almost. He thought we were done. I then told him we needed to finish cleaning up the yard. What you cannot tell from the picture is all the little twigs and branches in the grass that would not be so much fun going through the lawn mower. That is up next on the agenda for the older boys (probably tomorrow).

The two oak trees in front really should have been taken care of a little bit and pruned from the looks of it, but that will have to wait for a little while. I am just too tired and sore. At least they look like they are finally putting on some good growth this year where they have not done that in the past couple of years due to the drought.

Lance decided that the push broom was inadequate for his need for speed for getting things cleaned up. I was willing to entertain his resourcefulness to get things done faster. He went and got the leaf blower and the long extension cord and proceeded to hook it up so he could work super fast. Take a good look at where the other end of the long extension cord is, however. I am not entirely sure what he was planning on plugging the cord into all the way out at the end of the driveway. I was sitting by the power outlet.

I am not entirely sure what Kyle was doing in this picture but it looks pretty ominous that there is mischief about to happen. It is probably a good thing that I know the two of these boys really do love each other or I would have to wonder from this picture alone.

Ah yes, it is clear that mischief was happening. Lance went on the run. The leaf blower was dropped (gently, don’t worry daddy). Kyle was in pursuit. I was laughing. Finally Lance stopped long enough for me to get a picture. “Look mom this is how Hagrid combs his hair.” Laughter ensued. Not sure where that came from since neither one of them have enough hair to comb right now. Actually Lance does still need to comb his hair a little.

It just continued for a little while. Kyle combing Lance’s hair with the yard rake.

You can’t tell that this child has older brothers, can you? He just stands there and takes whatever gets dished out to him. Well kind of. There is often retaliation. He is just sneaky about it.

Lance was starting to get fed up with it. Something about the comment, “Stop it Kyle, it hurts” and Kyle continuing anyway and laughing about it. Yes, they really do love each other. Kyle evidently thought it was fun to do social grooming on his brother with the yard rake. Lance thought it was fun until it was not anymore and it actually started to hurt. I have to say that Kyle tried to do it to me too. It did kind of hurt when it got stuck in my hair. I had it pulled back in a pony tail though.

Ah yes, the retaliation begins. “Kyle take that!” Rake versus leaf blower! Stand down! “I’ll blow you away.”

Of course then we had another sword fight – the sword rake versus the sword leaf blower. Yes, there is never a dull moment at our house.

The yard looked much nicer. The flower beds were done. The mess was cleaned up in spite of all the playing you saw above. See I bribed them with their bellies with a reward for all the hard work.

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  1. Looks good. Though… I'm not ready to be doing yard work. Maybe this cold weather stuff is great because it means I don't have to work on the lawn.

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