Two of the monkeys in action

It does not take long for the muffins to start disappearing around here. The boys catch wind that there is good food around and they ask if they can have some. They repeat on a fairly frequent basis. Since I do not make muffins too often I am inclined to tell them that they can have another one. I do not want them to go bad after all. I certainly did not make the muffins to sit on the counter and look pretty. They were made for consumption…

Kyle decided to play up the part of being a monkey. He decided that any good monkey was best suited to wear a fez. He wandered off and found his red fez. He then went and found his Monkey Muffin. I broke it to him that he was not actually eating one of the Monkey Muffins but rather one of the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. He corrected me and declared that technically they were still “monkey” muffins because they did in fact contain bananas. I suppose he is correct in that astute observation.

Lance decided that he is a starving monkey and that his monkey tank was empty. He was stuffing two muffins in his mouth at one time. I caught him red handed. He showed now shame at the fact. He continued to chow down.

At least I know why the muffins disappear so quickly. The children love them and eat them faster than they eat the bananas in their raw format.

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