Preparing for Pinewood Derby

Tomorrow night is Lance’s first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. As such, it is his first time to build an official Pinewood Derby Car.

As anyone who has built a Pinewood Derby Car with a Cub Scout son knows, careful consideration goes into building one of these special cars. The car has to be just right. The special car has to be ready for the big race in time. It has to have the right shape. It has to have the right paint colors. It has to have the right paint decorations. It has to have everything just right. It is a serious undertaking for any 8 year old boy (or older if it is not their first). It is a big deal. It is the much anticipated activity of the year.

Lance showing off his finished Pinewood Derby Car. It is the lightening bolt car. He wanted to race a block of wood most importantly, but not just any block of wood. It had to be a green block of wood. Of course it had be green with blue lightening bolts on the side of it. We were not surprised with the green block of wood because green is Lance’s favorite color. Everything is green. We are not sure where the blue lightening came from, however.

Much meticulous work went into painting this car. That being said, you can tell that it was definitely done by an 8 year old. I love his little lightening bolts.

Pinewood Derby tomorrow night.

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