Happy 13th Birthday, Kyle!

Happy 13th Birthday to my middle son, Kyle. It is hard to believe that it has been that long already. I officially have two teenagers in the house now. I am not sure I can handle two teenage boys at the same time.

Kyle came home from school today and there was nothing more than the white cake. There was nothing on it. He wanted a T.A.R.D.I.S. cake. He left the rest up to me. When he came home from school, however, the whole T.A.R.D.I.S. thing was looking a little questionable. He saw nothing more than a blank cake. I told him that his T.A.R.D.I.S. had gotten stuck in space and time. He did not like that explanation very much. I responded with, “its chameleon circuit was broken again.” He did not like that response any more than the first one.

I was not getting anywhere. I was tired. I had a little problem, I forgot just how much icing the big 14″ square cake took. I ran out of icing just icing the stinking base of the cake. I did not have any icing to color for the T.A.R.D.I.S. Fortunately, because it had been an exceptionally busy day and I had felt exceptionally bad with a sinus infection I had taken some precautions to facilitate the ease of getting this cake done. I did not, however, anticipate that I would run out of base icing and not being able to simply color what was left of the base icing for the T.A.R.D.I.S.

I made a run to the doctor earlier today. I really did not feel good. I had already been treated for a sinus infection. I felt a little better, but today it was clear that it was making a revenge appearance. I felt awful. Sinus washes were not helping. So a trip to the doctor revealed exactly why I was feeling so crappy. I had fluid build up in both ears. The doctor was actually surprised that my ears did not hurt. They did not. My face, however, was throbbing. The sinus infection was back. It hurt when I took a breath. I hurt when I drank anything cold. It hurt when I ate anything cold. My entire face lit up in pain. Really not fun. I am on antibiotics again to try and knock it out and they gave me a shot of Kenalog Steroids in the hip to help boost my immune system and see if we can knock this out this time.

On the way home from the doctor’s office I needed to stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to exchange the pizza cutter that I got for my birthday and Micheal’s is in the same parking lot. I stopped in Micheal’s and got two tubes of pre-made icing in black and white. I figured it would be faster and easier than trying to get those fine details I was going to have to do on the T.A.R.D.I.S. in the small amounts that I would need. I certainly did not want to make black icing. I only needed a little bit of it. I remembered that we needled candles while I was there. Fortunately, I saw that the iTunes gift cards were on sale while I was at the register and I still needed to get him a gift. It all worked out.

This of course did not solve the fact that I had no blue icing for the T.A.R.D.I.S. after icing the cake white. I was on a time crunch at this point. I normally make the kids pizza for dinner on their birthdays. At this point, however, the steroids are starting to affect me and going to my head. I have a cake that is all white. Kyle has come home from school and seen a cake that is supposed to have a T.A.R.D.I.S. on it and it does not. This is chalking up to be the worst birthday ever, right? Or not.

I managed to have the supplies for this, but I still was not feeling up to making “blue” icing. I was waiting for the butter to soften so that I could make the icing. At least the T.A.R.D.I.S. was starting to take shape. The child in question was starting to get a little less worried about his cake and the potential disaster that it was.

There was of course, the issue of dinner. Fortunately, the child had been begging for Subway for a couple of weeks. The way I was feeling at that point, that was what it was going to be. I did not have the time or energy to make pizza. I did not have to “feel good” to make pizza. So we wrote down everyone’s order for Subway and I drove over to the store and got everyone’s sandwhich order. I picked up my medication at the pharmacy (located by the Subway). I also stopped at the grocery store and grabbed a couple of bags of chips instead of paying the high price for them at Subway. While I was that the grocery store, I decided that I was just buying a can of pre-made icing and I would color that. Forget trying to make a batch of homemade icing. I went home with my chips and icing, medication, and Subway Sandwiches.
We ate dinner. We sent the kids off for their Wednesday night activities. We would do cake after the activities were done. That would give me time to finish the cake. At least Kyle knew there would be a cake much like what he wanted. I had the icing and I just needed to color it. After I ate my sandwich I got back to work on it and I had a nice blue color in the can for him to see.

This was the end result. A beautiful T.A.R.D.I.S. cake. Happy Birthday, Kyle! I must confess that I rather like the cake. It was a cake that caused stress due to the circumstances that I could not control. However, this cake won me the “awesome sauce” declaration from a 13 year old boy and that was worth it right there!

Kyle really wanted to light his own candles. He even went and got the matches. I am not entirely sure if I should be worried that he knows where the candles are or that he can reach them. Fire!

Kyle carefully lighting his candles. He lit the light on the top of the T.A.R.D.I.S. first.

Yes, we let him light his own candles. We trusted a Boy Scout with a “fire stick” (match). I am not sure that was the smartest choice to make as seeing usually Boy Scouts are mischievous with fire if given the opportunity. Needless to say this one was highly supervised. We were wall watching. We really wanted the candles lit so he could blow them out so that we could eat the cake. Purely selfish reasons we wanted this process over with.

We were having technical difficulties with the matches and candles staying lit so daddy took over.

Deep contemplation? I do believe that he was really content with the cake.

Singing happy birthday. Kyle was happy, he was the center of attention for a minute…or two…

I made him stop and look at the camera for another picture. He was not too happy about that. This is the age.

The candles all blown own and the wax all spread out on the cake. It is a good thing that the candles are non-toxic. Time to lick the icing off all the candles so we can cut the cake and EAT CAKE!

A close up of the T.A.R.D.I.S. details.

An iTunes gift card that I did not pay that much for. I love when I can find great deals on these things. He was very happy. He could get some more music for his iPod.

A mystery gift? Actually I just made him stop for the camera.

Here is the mystery gift. A box? An Eddie Bauer box? What could it be?

Ah ha! A red wallet…

An tucked safely inside he found a surprise.

Happy birthday, son. I love you bunches. Here is to another 13 years!

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