Interesting gentleman

I met an interesting gentleman at church yesterday. He came in with the missionaries. He sat behind us. His name was Steven. He was dressed in a white US Coast Guard shirt. It was not anything out of the ordinary. I was reading the patches. I cannot remember the details of the patches in particular as I was listening to him talk. I really wish I could because I would like to look it up more in detail. I have tried to Google it and have not come up with much.

At any rate, he was just passing through. One of the patches read “Trail Rider” which I thought was interesting because you do not typically associate this with the Coast Guard. One of the other patches had something to do with a historical museum type organization or something of that nature. Essentially, he was doing a cross country trail ride. He was doing historical research in this process. How did the Church fall into this? He was interested in the historical connections across the country. He was interested in the pre-Columbus history of our country.

I was truly saddened that he got up and left in a rush after the first speaker. We were having a “missionary farewell” as our first speaker. A lovely young sister, Chelsea. She is leaving in just under two weeks for the Johannesburg, South Africa Mission. She delivered a beautiful testimony of the apostasy and restoration. He left in a hurry after her talk. I do not know know why. It ultimately does not matter.

An interesting older gentleman showed up in our sacrament meeting yesterday. He was doing a fascinating job researching the historical aspects of our country.

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