Happy Birthday, Katlynn!

Today was my niece’s birthday. She had been asking me for weeks about making her a birthday cake. She wanted a special cake. It had to be something really cool. At first she was not sure what she wanted, she would say one thing and then another. Then she finally decided that she wanted an iPod cake. She still was not certain what kind of iPod she wanted as she would go back and forth between an iPod Shuffle and an iPod Touch. At least we had narrowed it down to an iPod. I had experience doing iPod cakes, I could do iPod cakes.

Anyone that knows Katlynn knows that her favorite color is pink. The girl breathes pink. I was a bit worried that I was going to have to make her a pink cake. I just cannot do that much pink. It is not in my capability. I am not a pink kind of person. However, lately she has taken a liking to purple as well. I can handle purple. So here is the “not pink” icing for her “not pink” iPod.

When it all was said and done, it was decided that she really wanted an iPod Shuffle cake to look just like Aunt Ann’s real iPod Shuffle, just a different color. I could handle that. Here is the result. I have to say, however, that this iPod Shuffle has old ear buds as opposed to the new style ear pods.

Katlynn was very happy with her purple iPod Shuffle birthday cake. She said, “That rocks!” I can say that I am happy to rock her world, if only for right now. At least for now, I am still the cool aunt that ROCKS!

Of course there was a gathering around the pile of gifts.

There was also a sad realization when I was sitting there taking this picture. This is my mother (Kathy Hellewell) and my middle son (Kyle) standing next to each other. The lack of height difference is startling. The realization is that there is about an inch difference between my mother and myself (or there was at one point). Unfortunately, this called for the check of heights between mother and son. There was a distinct lack of height difference between us as well. Mom said that there was only about an half inch between Kyle and myself. I am still in the lead for now. It was not that long ago that this child only came to my nose.

It did not take Katlynn long to start tearing into her gifts. This is our gift to her. She is always drawing and I found a cute, pink covered, totally girly doodling book. It was one of those books where it has part of the doodle already on the page and you complete the doodles. She really seemed to like that.

She spent a couple of seconds flipping through the pages before moving on to the next gifts in the pile. It really was a cute book. I found it at Christmas time at Sam’s Club and although I had already bought her Christmas gift, I knew that she would really enjoy this so I bought it anyway as I did not think that it would be there when I would need another gift for her. I am glad that I did go ahead and follow that guided prompting. It was perfect for her.

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