Help me?!.

Tonight is the ward “family” camp-out and we needed to get ready. This required digging the camping stuff out. You might remember that this stuff had been moved and put away. The large camping buckets had taken up a new residence in the closet under the stairs along with the Christmas tree. It is a tight fit in the closet. With just the large buckets, it was fine. You could easily just pull the buckets in and out of the closet and get what you needed out of them and put them back. With the Christmas tree in there, it is not so easy to pull them out and put them back. Minor lack of foresight and planning there. Oh well, the set up stands…

Lance, however, decided that he was going to go digging in the buckets to get all the stuff that was required. He “wanted” to go digging to get all the stuff. He needed to pull out all the sleeping bags and other miscellaneous stuff. He was up for the challenge.

That was, he was up for the challenge, until I heard from the closet, “Help me. Help me. Heeeellllpppp me!” I came around the corner to find this. A set of feet with dirty socks. He was stuck in the large bucket behind this one. There are two identical buckets just like the one you see here, one in front of the other in the closet. Evidently he partially fell in, in the dark. He was stuck and could not get out. All I saw as I rounded the corner was the wiggling feet. I could not resist snapping a picture before grabbing hold of them and pulling him back out of his entrapment. I could not stop laughing. I should add that he was laughing too when I pulled him out.

Like I said, Lance was laughing when he came out of his place of entrapment. He was more than happy to go back in and try again. The smiles were more than enough to let me know that he would volunteer for that task again. He just did not know how to get the sleeping bag he had in his hand out with his body and slide back off the bucket he was on top of. He was truly stuck.

Lance trying to act like nothing happened. He is not convincing this mother that he was harmed in any way.

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