Tonight I managed to get all three boys to karate at the same time, at least for an hour. It is a normal night for Kyle. It is a normal night for Andrew if you really want to get right down to the nitty gritty of it, but with his school schedule it is nor a normal occurrence these days. With it being Spring Break, however, I took the opportunity to get him to the dojo.

Andrew lasted an hour. He came out limping and looking exhausted and sore. He was. He was out of practice and not used to the rigorous workouts that is normal for black belts. As seeing as he is a third degree black belt, I am sure that they did not go easy on him even though he has not been coming regularly in several months. I was laughing pretty hard when he came hobbling out of the dojo with Lance this evening. Here is a picture I snapped of him when we went back to pick Kyle up about an hour and fifteen minutes later.

This was not a normal night for Lance. I made him go anyway. He fought me. “Why do I have to go?” Not something you should ask when you are told to get ready to go. “Because I said so.” There is really no other reason. I did hear in response, “Give me a more specific reason.” Let me see, it does not really get any more specific than that. I said so. Period. End of discussion. Needless to say he hopped to, got his karate uniform on and went to karate tonight in spite of his protestations. This was a picture of him entertaining himself in the car when we went back to pick up his brother, Kyle, an hour and fifteen minutes after his karate class got out.

Kyle was taking his dear sweet time coming out of karate tonight. It was fine for me to sit and wait as they were running sword forms in black belt class tonight. Kyle, however, has a tendency to dilly dally quite a bit. After class let out, he proceeded to do that. This is a normal thing for Kyle. He likes to talk to all the other people in the dojo before wandering out to the car. Normally it is not a big deal but when people need to get home and get to bed, it does become an issue.

Of course, he was protesting the picture taking. What is it with near teenage boys and cameras?

He really did not like the flash. The children do not like the flash from the iPhone 5. They hate it actually. Evidently it is really bright. Check out Kyle’s response. Isn’t priceless? I think I blinded him. It was not like it was unexpected, it was the third picture I had taken at this point. The fact that it was up close…

I was just happy to see that Kyle had finally started working the sword at karate. Nice!

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