Welcoming change…

This morning I was on my way to Walmart to pick up a couple of things that we ran out of and a couple of other things before we completely ran out. I was stopped at the light that is about 1.5 miles from my house. I look to the left over my shoulder. The parking lot had changed just a little bit. The scenery on the building that had erected over the last little while had changed.

I had driven by this building just on Saturday evening with my friend, Linn Macie, and I can assure you that this was not what we saw…

This sign must have gone up Sunday or sometime earlier this morning. Since I drove by at roughly 10:15AM, it could not have been too much earlier this morning, right?

Nonetheless, this is a welcome sign. That is a little piece of Aggieland right in our backyard. This is a gentle reminder that our “neck of the woods” is a happening place and it is desirable to businesses and people alike. I am grateful to see this strip center finally filling in with desirable establishments. May the change continue to be good.

On another note, my email to Sprouts Farmer’s Market (that will also be in this same parking lot) was finally responded to. I am excited to announce that the Sprouts Farmer’s Market will be opening sometime in April 2013. That is pretty exciting.

In response to my email, they will not carry 100% chicken fresh chicken sausage as their chicken sausage also is encased in pork casings. However, they do sell bulk chicken sausage without the casings. That is a step in the right direction and worthy of a call out. I am excited about that. The other stores in the area do not sell the sausage in bulk at all. HEB only sales their fresh pork sausage in the ground bulk sausage. This is an exciting prospect for me.

On the other hand, they were less forthcoming on the easy availability of MSG free products. They did say that they would carry many products that would be MSG free, however they would not have them clearly marked as such. So while they would have them, it would still mean time reading all the labels to find those products. This is fine as long as reading labels is not fruitless as it is in many stores. Not all products are labeled if they are MSG free or not. You really have to read the labels.

So this parking lot will have a lot of excitement in the next little while. There is no information as to when the Freebirds actually opens. Stay tuned for updates!

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