What is this thing?

This afternoon after school, Lance gets in the car. He was particularly quiet when he climbed in. I was a little surprised. He usually gets in and starts making all sorts of jabbering noises.

I turned around to look at him…

What was I looking at? My goodness. What a strange thing to see in my car. It was really hard to take him serious with those things on. I was definitely smiling.

We went to pick up Andrew at the high school a little later. He wanted to wear them. Who am I to stop him? Of course, you can wear them.

We stopped at Kroger on the way home so I could grab a container of sour cream for the “modified” 7-layer dip I was making for dinner. I wanted sour cream. I hear from the back seat, “Can I wear these inside the store?” What? I must be losing my mind when I responded with, “If you need to.” He was so happy.

He wore them throughout the store. We got some strange looks. Who would not stop and look at this? Who could take themselves seriously when looking at this face?

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