Nice packaging

Some things cannot be found locally, I have found. What Andrew wanted for his birthday this year, I could not actually find. I ended up ordering it online and it finally came. It was a couple of days late, but it was exactly what he wanted.

It is true that sometimes the packaging is worth taking a look at. It does make a gift a little bit more interesting. I would like to say that I packaged this, but I did not. This is straight out of the padded shipping envelope.

The packaging did make Andrew take notice. Evidently there were “pass along” cards inside as well when he got it out and actually put his iPad mini inside the case. That is quite nice. I am impressed with the marketing there. The tag he was looking at here was actually the directions to the retailer to remove the protective bag. Obviously, did not remove it before they shipped it.

Inside was the much awaited for and researched case that Andrew wanted. It is very fitting to Andrew’s personality. I have to say that it is very pretty. It smells like leather and it is very nice. It was a good choice and it was something that will remove the stress from mom and dad when we look at the device in question that has been unprotected for the past month. I really like the case. Good choice, Andrew.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

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