I didn’t check first

Normally, I am good about checking the weather before going out the door in the morning. The kids are sure to remind me I need to. They ask. They want to know what to put on in the morning before they leave the house. At least Lance and Kyle want to know. I think they just want to know how not to over dress for the day.

Today, however, I think we have gotten too comfortable in our beautiful weather. We did not look. The thought had not crossed our minds. It had been over 81˚F just a couple of days ago. Why would it be any different today?

I donned my short sleeve t-shirt, my capri pants, and my sandals and we went out the door. I shivered all the way to the school in the car. I could not get it to warm up fast enough. Lance at least had a sweatshirt on, albeit unzipped. He was cold as well. He had the heater in the back of the car turned up as far as he could get it to go. I watched the thermostat on the dash of my car fall, slowly. I was not convinced that it had fallen as low as it would have in the few minutes too and from the school.

I came inside and checked the temperature on my phone and sure enough, it was much colder than the car had told me it was outside. It had not reached its lowest temperature yet before I put it back into the garage. It was colder than I thought it was. It was certainly a good reason for me to be shivering. The garage was cold, but it was much warmer than it was outside and it was a good mask for what it really was outside. I had no idea it was even supposed to reach 32˚F outside last night. I had no idea. I guess that is what I get for getting comfortable with our comfortable temperatures outside.

I need to take Ben to the office downtown. I am definitely putting on jeans, a sweatshirt, and closed-toe shoes before I go back out in this.

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