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I make it no secret that I am not a huge fan of banana nut bread or muffins or anything of the sort. I just never have been. So even though I have found a recipe that is very good and I do like, I am still not a fan. So I could not leave the fact that I labored diligently for my family with lots of love to make so many banana nut mini muffins that I would not eat very many of go without some sort of counter production.

I will admit that I did eat more than my usual fair share of those muffins during the course of the school hours yesterday. I admit it. They were good. They were little and they were there. I ate some. I am of course, suffering today for all the nuts that I consumed yesterday too. I have a weakness for cashews and pecans. I like them. I do not like what they do to my digestive system after consuming them. Nor do I like what the nuts do to my head after consuming too many of them. Well I had a double whammy yesterday. The really good tempting banana nut muffins that were there and made. Not because I liked them, but because they were made and I did not have to labor to make them. Then I had made trail mix on Sunday with limited nuts (peanuts and cashews), dried fruits, and M&M candies. Let me just say that I am suffering from a mild migraine today. The weather is probably not helping with that today. My digestive track is a little on the painful side today. I will live through the experience. I could have stopped eating them at any time. I knew I had my limitations. I did not stop. I did only have one cup of the trail mix. I probably ate close to a dozen of the muffins throughout the day. By night’s arrival I was suffering pretty good with the digestive track. I have to remind myself that these things are reminders of why I do not do these things.

Anyway, this morning I decided to make muffins that I could safely eat without more discomfort. I did not go overboard like Sunday evening and my eighteen dozen banana nut mini muffins.

I took my very much liked Cinnamon Raisin Bread recipe and turned that into mini muffins. Of course that recipe could not go without tinkering with the recipe. It was very good to begin with. It is delicious now. Anyway, some eight dozen mini Cinnamon Muffins later I had muffins that I could eat without causing more distress to my already taxed digestive track. I have to call them Cinnamon Muffins because I did not have any raisins left. They all went into the trail mix on Sunday. Oh well they are delicious.

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