Week ten was a slow one

So I thought week ten was going to be a better week, but in reality it was not. I got off to a good start, but the week just got busy and got away from me. In all fairness, it was a week building up to a busier week.

We did make it out on Monday. We rode morning and afternoon, but after starting the morning with temperatures below 40˚F I decided that I did not really did not like those temperatures. My ears, lungs, and sinuses were not ready for those temperatures. I will be honest with you though, the winds were brutal and I have decided that I am a wimp when it comes to winds. I do not like riding in the wind. After enduring the winds on Monday where you literally feel like you are pedaling backwards for 2 miles and your legs burn and your lungs are screaming at you because you have overworked them on top of the overworked leg muscles, I decided I was not going to do it again on the cold mornings especially with those kinds of winds. The 2 miles home were not much better. This was going to be a busy enough week I did not need to be sore. I did not need to get sick again and frankly I was still worn down.

We did, however, ride on Friday morning. It was beautiful weather actually. The ride was nice. In spite of all the busy rush of the week with my grandparents in town, I managed to get that ride in…but that afternoon I took grandma to go pick up Lance. I did not have to. I could have driven back to the house and grabbed my bike and rode those 4 miles round trip. I took grandma instead. Lance was so excited to see great-grandma in the car when he came around the corner. That was worth the surrender to “ignore the bike and just drive” call I keep hearing from my lazy side. So we loaded Lance’s bike in the back of the van and took it home. He then proceeded to tell great-grandma and I all about his day. These are the things I do not hear about on our 2 mile rides home. I might hear about some of them on the quarter mile walk down the sidewalk if he is not distracted by his friends, but usually the ride home is about focusing on not getting hit by a car and paying attention to road signs and hazards.

So stats from last week brought me up to 284.5 miles.

After this week, adding 12 more miles, it brings the total up to 296.5 miles.

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