Six weeks and still going strong

We have officially made it six weeks into the school year. This means that come Thursday or Friday this week I should have report cards from two of my children–the two older children. The elementary schools in the school district are on a nine week long grading period so we will not see Lance’s report card for another 4 weeks. The report cards come out the week after the grading period ends.

The children all did very well on their progress reports, so I am not too worried. Maybe I should be because three weeks is long enough for a grade to take a total nose dive. Or in Lance’s case, four and an half weeks is more than enough time for a grade to go south. Still I am not too worried. They tend to do reasonably well all the time. Kyle has his moments. Andrew self corrects himself. Lance does not fully understand what grades mean yet. It is what it is.

The fact that it is this long and we have had the ups and downs with the weather and we are still dutifully out in the elements riding bikes is actually a good thing. Really it should not be too surprising since this time last year we were probably still hotter if my memory serves me right. It just seems cooler this year. It was so hot and dry last year with the drought. I am just grateful that the rain has not be awful. We have had a couple of days that have been bad, but outside of that horrible rain storm we rode home in a few weeks back, it has not been bad. In fact we mostly miss the rain showers all together. That is nice.

So after five weeks, my mileage total was up to 164.5 miles on the bike.

That is not a small number and it is not a number that a normal person should shake their nose at. I certainly will not be. I did those miles all by myself. Well Lance joined me for about half of them. Still his mileage is not something to shrink away from for the size of his little person. They are good miles. We are not out to run a marathon or do anything spectacular, but we are still doing each one of those miles ourselves.

Today after the completion of the sixth week, the mileage count is now up to 204.5 miles.

Sometimes those miles are hard. Sometimes they just hurt. Sometimes the sun is shining brighter than our sunglasses darken out. Sometimes we encounter wind that just hurts to ride into and we have two options–to stop or just keep pedaling. Either way we have two options–wait or go home. Pain usually wins because home usually wins. Sometimes we encounter the rude drivers. They are more plentiful than I care to count. Sometimes we have to endure the debris from yard crews that we ride by. Stuff that is flipped up and the wind blows around or their blowers blow in our direction as they did not see us coming. I can assure you that dirt and flecks of grass in your eye really do hurt.

Still in the end of all of that, we get to say, “I did that.” Here is to another week ahead of us…

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