Nine weeks into the school year

So the ninth week into the school year did not go so well with the bike riding. I will admit to just wanting to take it easy. After the sinus infection and then the migraine that hung on for four very long miserable days, I just did not want to push it. I did ride Monday of this week, but that was it. I was still having the migraine hangover as I like to call it on Monday and as soon as I rode in the heat of the afternoon the migraine started to make a return so I decided I was not going to push it the rest of the week. I did not want a repeat of the headache. Since I was still on the antibiotics I felt okay with this choice of action.

The stats from week eight brought us up to 276.5 miles.

Since I only rode on Monday of this week, it only added another 8 miles to the total, bringing me up to 284.5 miles.

Next week will be better. I figure giving myself some time to recover from the sinus infection and even the migraine is not a complete waste. The body needs time to heal. I suppose the migraine was my body’s way of telling me to just slow down for a few days. I was a bit wobbly on the bike the few days before and that probably was not the best thing either.

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