Eight weeks down

This week was the revenge of the migraine headache week. Today, I woke up with what looks like is going to be day three of it. It is totally not fun. I did ride on Thursday morning with the migraine, but by Friday morning it was bad enough that I decided to not be a safety threat to myself or anyone else. I had been icing my head all night and with the light sensitivity I was experiencing, driving was the safer option. Friday was a beautiful day, however, so it was a sad thing to have to drive. The head would just not cooperate.

After completing week seven I was up to 244.5 miles.

The miles keep adding up.

Now after only adding 32 miles on week eight, the total comes up to 276.5 miles.

The temperatures today are gorgeous. We woke up to 50˚F. Next week should be a good week as we should not break out of the high 80˚s. We might finally be on our cool down trend.

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