A peek inside the bag…

I know this is just a tease for most of you, but it is all that you are getting for a little while longer. I am still in the middle of other work currently so I am just going to give you a peek…

You will notice how they nicely stacked everything in the bag. Personally, I wish they had wrapped at least one of the jars I bought. They only wrap the extract bottles as they really will make a mess if they break. I will give you a hint, I did not buy any extracts on this trip.

I have never had any jars or bottles break on me in transport and it is quite the drive across town for us to the store. You really have to want to go to Penzeys Spices if you are going.

I will confess that I was a little leery about the weight of this bag because it was fairly heavy. The bag did hold up though.

Now you are probably wondering why I bought some in bags and and others in jars. Some of their spices are only available in the jars. Others I do not go through very quickly and buying in bulk really is overkill. For some of the other things, even the amount I bought is not enough.

I still have not figured out exactly what I am going to make with all this fun stuff. There is some really interesting stuff in there.

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  1. That's really interesting. Thanks for posting all the great information! Had never thought of it all that way before.

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