A new student

We like to share the joy of karate. It is a great physical activity for anyone looking for something for their children to do.

Tonight, Katlynn joined us at the dojo. It was a full class. This not a normal night for Lance, however, this was when Jennifer was available to go over and get her all signed up.

Katlynn is the little white belt on the back row, second person from the right. The black belt in the blue uniform is my Kyle. Andrew and Lance are also in attendance, but they are not in this picture as mommy cropped them out when taking the picture. Bad mommy!

I promise that you do not have to be coordinated for karate. I had a five year boy that could not get his foot six inches off the ground to save his life. He fell over after every kick. That same child is a third degree black belt. They work on coordination. I have seen the non-coordinated.

I promise that your child does not have to be flexible. I have a child that is not very flexible. He is a black belt. They work on flexibility. I have seen the non-flexible.

I promise that your child does not have to be very big or anything else. I have seen the little ones become power houses. I have seen the little ones. I have seen a lot.

Andrew and Kyle are on the front row. Kyle is the one in the blue uniform on the right, just to the left of the poll on the right side of the picture. Andrew is the tall individual to the left of him. Katlynn is not visible in this picture but she is on the back row behind Kyle. Lance is also not visible in this picture but he is one of the white uniforms on the back row, near the hanging punching back on the left of the picture.

Karate is good for kids. It teaches. It teaches discipline. It teaches coordination. It teaches self-confidence. It teaches so many things. They feel a great sense of accomplishment when they rank advance or even when they master a new skill. The greatest thing, though, is that they learn to do hard things.

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