Nicely done, Andrew

I am very proud of Andrew so I have to brag for a second, or two, or three, or four, or more…

One of Andrew’s assignments was to write a book and illustrate it. He had to actually write a story book for a child about the age of Lance, so about second or third grade. The topic had to be a culture clash, I believe.

He spent the last few days watching with Lance just about every Disney movie that we own to get inspiration. He finished up his project tonight and even though it was late and it was something that I do not enjoy encouraging him to do – staying up late – I was glad to see the final product.

His book was actually quite cute. It was a riff on The Cat in the Hat but it was a clash between a book and a Nook.

He actually had to print and bind his book like a book. Evidently they donate these books when they are done. Last year they went to a school that had a fire and lost their library in the fire. What a great project!

Anyway, the project turned out nice. Andrew was pleased with it. I actually thought it was nicely done. It was not professionally done, but it was not bad for what he had to work with and time they gave them to do it in.

I told him that I would get it printed for him and he could give it to his brother. What a neat thing. Now I need to find some places to print fairly cheaply as I will probably need to print a few copies.

I will post pictures of the project he turned in when I get them off the camera. I will post pictures of the printed books when I figure out what we are doing there.

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