It is morning in spite of sleep

Sleep is a strange thing, it is something that often betrays me. It is fickle. Sleep and I have this love-hate relationship and while we were working on it, we have our moments but the past few days I must admit that I have lost my advantageous edge.

Last night, I lost all footing I had completely I believe. Oh sweet precious sleep, why hast thou betrayed me again?!.

Last night I was up a little late as usual because I was not tired and I was helping Andrew with his homework that he needed to finish.

However, I have been taking a muscle relaxer for the muscle spasms in my neck that trigger my migraines for the past month or so and when I take that I do not have long before I must submit to the sandman. I was tired fairly quickly actually after taking it last night. Head dropping heavy drowsy.

Alas, that evidently is not enough sometimes. In spite of that and actually being in bed and the lights out, I could not actually sleep. Nope. No sleep. Not fair at all!

In all actuality, however, I probably did sleep some. I probably did not sleep very deeply is the most likely scenario. Last fall I was submitted to a sleep study where it was discovered that I do suffer from sleep apnea in varying degrees and forms. That is another issue entirely. The interesting find from the study is that there are times that I never get past phase two in my sleep cycle. I never reach REM sleep all night long. I never reach that restful sleep that recharges the body and helps you feel rested in the morning.

That being said and that knowledge in mind, I suspect that this is what I experienced last night. It is as good not sleeping almost as I will be as tired and as drowsy throughout the day that follows.

Here’s to a tired day ahead…now to go ride a bike four miles…

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