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With the new Doctor Who season on BBC America has started the flow of ample opportunities to make cookies. This all started when we decided on letting the boys invite a friend over to watch the show with them and we would have popcorn and they could enjoy the show with good company.

The problem? One of the friends was not a fan of popcorn. That is a problem in spite of the fact that we did manage to devour five bags of microwave popcorn that first night.

The solution? Cookies! I can make cookies. Everyone likes cookies. If they do not like cookies, they have not had my cookies. That is all I am going to say. Well, if they do not like cookies, they need to have their head examined because there is something seriously wrong with them.

I made about six dozen cookies the next week. Kyle helped. He has become quite handy in the kitchen.

We are on week number three tonight and I am sitting in the kitchen waiting for pan after pan to bake. This is my least favorite part, I must say. I am not a patient cook, unfortunately. So obnoxious, repetitive tasks like baking cookies are not my first choice. The dough is a piece of cake and something I’ve got down to a science, but the baking is just the mundane task that goes with the fun stuff. The pain that comes with pleasure?

Of course it is always amazing how a few ingredients become the dough that tastes good. In fact, it tastes so good I have to beat people off with a stick in order to have enough to bake.

Then that dough forms little balls of dough that some how spread out to become nicely shaped cookies. I can put them in the oven just like this. I was a little worried because the dough is still cold from being in the refrigerator as we went out to eat dinner with Sally tonight. I made the dough beforehand so that all I had to do was bake the cookies when we got back. I could bake even while watching the episode of Doctor Who so I was not too worried. Anyway, I normally do not bake my cookies from cold dough. I do not have dough long enough to put it in the refrigerator. If I do put it in the refrigerator, I do not have enough cookie dough to bake. I am not willing to take those chances as the odds are not in my favor usually, so I make the dough and bake it right away.

Still a few simple ingredients turn into something absolutely scrumptious, not too incredibly hard to make, but rather hard for most people to resist.

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