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I am loving having a child that loves to cook…

This morning I had an omelette for breakfast. I am not a huge fan of them personally but I do like them from time to time. I like them less now that I do not eat pork and most vegetables that come standard in an omelette. That being said, I personally am opposed to a breakfast that takes that much work so I am not one to slave for myself. However, I must say that an omelette tastes so much better when made willingly and with love by someone else, especially when that someone is your twelve year old son. Thanks, Kyle.

This afternoon our ward is having a Labor Day ward party at a big park near here. They are providing hot dogs and hamburgers. Everyone signed up to bring a side dish such as a salad, a fruit, or a dessert. There was another option but I forgot what it was. I volunteered for the dessert option. However, in the time I signed up and now I didn’t much feel like making a dessert. It is hot outside. I do not want to make the trusty standbys for me. What to do?

Make cookies. I have a reputation to uphold as it goes with the cookies. I started a couple of years ago by baking cookies as my give away at the ward Trunk or Treat party. They were a big hit. The next year I was asked by several people if I was baking cookies again for the party that year. I was on the hook for cookies from there on out! So cookies it is today and cookies I will make again later this year for Halloween too. Don’t worry Memorial Springs Ward, I’ve got you covered.

Anyway, I made the dough. I made a double batch. That is a lot of cookies. I have decided, however, that the recipe lies. I never get as many cookies out of it as it claims I should. It may read, “Yields about 4 dozen cookies” for a single batch but I am not entirely sure that is accurate no matter what I do. I don’t think I have ever gotten four dozen cookies out of a batch of this recipe. That is even accounting for the fact that some of the dough ends up in my stomach raw. Shrugging my shoulders. Anyway in theory, with a double batch, I should have close to eight dozen cookies. Not so.

Alas I digress.

So I made the double batch of dough. Kyle, my twelve year old son, volunteered to bake all of those cookies for me. How sweet is that? How could I say no to that? He did respect my refusal for help when I was making the dough. I would, however, be a crazy, mad woman if I turned down free, child slave labor to do the tedious grunt work of baking cookies.

I love that he love to cook. I got to sit in the recliner and doze in and out of a semi conscious state while he did all the really boring work. It does not get any better than that!

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