I could not help myself

After my confession the other day about cookbooks and how they have to meet certain criteria, this is going to come as a surprise but I bought another cookbook. I just could not help myself. I resisted the urge to buy two of them. I was tempted. I had a partner in crime, Linn Macie, but she resisted the temptations better than I did. I have not convinced her to try the recipes in the cookbooks I have, yet. I have not converted her to freezer meals, yet. I would declare that this is my goal, but in all reality it is not. I just think it is fun, easy, and has been beneficial for my family. With these cookbooks and a little work on my part it has been a good thing all the way around.

So there it was on the magazine rack at Sam’s Club today while Linn and I were there getting essentials like milk, bread, and cheese. I had seen it the day before at Walmart I think it was but the line was moving quickly so I did not have much time to get a good look at it. I put it back. The thing did not meet one of my criteria and since I did not have the time to make sure it did not have multiple duplicates of recipes I already had, I was not going to purchase it. Although, I suppose I could have purchased it and gifted it to someone else. See I resisted the temptation then. I put it back.

At Sam’s Club there is an added level of temptation as they take 30% off the retail price. I was going to get it 30% off the cover price of $4.99 so that made me take pause long enough to actually flip through it long enough to look at some of the recipe cards and read the recipe titles and study it more than a quick flip. The first one I ever bought, I was tempted by the picture on the cover, I gave it a quick flip through, and I threw it in my cart. I have come a long way in my ability to resist the temptation of buying these little check-out temptations. Of course, the one at Sam’s is not even at the checkout so I cannot use that spontaneous “it just jumped in my cart” plea as an excuse.

All that being said, it was going to be 30% off an already reasonable price, how could I resist that? Upon closer look, there appeared to be a lot of recipes in it that were not duplicated in either of the two cookbooks that I already had. This is not helping my situation any.

By this point, Linn, is by my side asking me questions. I really cannot help but talk about it and how we like certain things. I showed her the other cookbook that was there too. It was $9.99 but when I had quickly looked through it at the grocery store it appeared to have several duplicates from the previous two cookbooks. It also did not have nutrition facts in it. So two strikes against it. The smaller one only had the fact that it did not have nutrition facts (which I do not understand) working against it. While standing there with Linn, watching here flip through the larger magazine type cookbook (it is a bit more substantial than a magazine, but not quite as sturdy as a paperback cookbook) it appeared that there were in fact some new recipes in there in spite of the duplicates. Oh temptation struck again. Do you know how hard it was for me to say “no” and select just one?

I finally decided that I was getting the smaller one. I was just going to do it. So I am now the proud owner of the latest Taste of Home Freezer Meals Recipe Cards little cookbook.

Yes, I bought another cookbook. Yes, I bought a cookbook without nutrition facts. It has pictures for every single recipe!

There are some recipes in here that I know my kids will like. There are a lot that I will have to modify for myself, but I have to do that anyway with just about any cookbook I buy. I cannot wait to sit down and plan out a which freezer meals I am going to make to stock the freezer with this time. Burritos are a must, but this cookbook had enchiladas in it which my kids will love. There were also lasagna roll-ups which my husband likes. There are lots of possibilities. When combined with the things we already like from the other cookbooks, we have a good selection of items to choose from already.

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