Yes, it still is August

So the weather this year has been rather unusual. I will not complain about some of it. The fact that this summer has been unseasonably cool for the most part has its perks. To check the weather and see what the actual temperature is though can surprise you.

You might notice the time on the image of 2:58am. Yes. I confess to being awake at an ungodly hour. I was asleep. Something pulled me from a deep sleep. Now I am wide awake. I had been asleep long enough for my body to feel well rested. Sometimes having sleeping issues really stinks.

Alas, I am awake for the replay of the 10:00pm news from last night. Which, incidentally, I fell asleep during. The weatherman was commenting on weather conditions that are not normal for this time of year. August is hot for us still. July, August and September are typically hot months.

Naturally, I am a skeptic at heart so you tell me a cold front in August and I am going to have to see it to believe it. So I flip to my localized weather on my iPhone. Sure enough, there are days this week we are not supposed to break the 90 degree mark. What? This is August we should be pushing 100 degrees still. Tonight we were actually supposed to break below 70 degrees but we are currently at 75 degrees so I doubt we will make it to the 68 degrees they predict we will hit. However, not hitting mid to high 90s will be nice.

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