This tool is a must have if you have a fake Christmas tree

If you have a fake Christmas tree or even if you do not and just have Christmas lights anywhere in your life, this tool is an absolute must have item to have in your arsenal.

Everyone knows that I am a skeptic when it comes to products, but I assure you that this is worth the money you will spend on it. I have not even gotten all the features to work and I am not sure I will ever get them to work or that I will ever need to, but the ones that I have gotten to work have paid for the device over and over.

I used a 40% coupon to get mine, but having used this 3-4 years now, I would have paid full price for it. It is worth that much to me. If you can get it 40-50% off, go get one. The regular price is about $19.99 and so you can expect to pay about $13 or so for one and it is worth that.

What is it? It is the Light Keep Pro. I don’t swear that it fixes light sets, but it certainly gets a tree lit in a very quick amount of time.

It has a neat little socket thing that you plug directly into the light string itself and a couple of squeezes of the trigger and you override the light string and it will light up! That is of course, under most circumstances. You then have a lit string to find your dead bulbs on instead of an unlit string to find your dead bulbs on. So instead of it being “best guess,” you can pull a single bulb and check to see if it is dead or not. It may or may not be the problem, but you have to start somewhere, right? You now have a light socket to plug it into. You now have a lit string, in most cases. You can find all your dead bulbs. If it was a dead bulb you replace it. If it wasn’t the dead bulb you can put it back in and move on. If you by chance have a situation that it did not light up the string, you typically have too many bulbs out and you need to just pick another light further up the string and it will light up. That string will just need to be done in two parts or more.

It took me 2 hours to locate and replace 48 dead bulbs on a pre-lit 9 foot Christmas tree in 2011. During that time I also fluffed all the branches. I have found that it is easiest to fluff and check for bulbs as I go because it gives me a progress check. If I need to walk away I can. I know I didn’t do a particular branch because it has not been fluffed or shaped. I did find a few more bulbs dead when I was taking the ornaments off the tree. This is normal for a tree that is the age of ours. All of the bulbs I pulled from the tree were original bulbs, not ones that had been previously replaced.

Anyway, if you are fed up with your pre-lit tree, this has been a life saver and I no longer panic when my tree gets plugged in and it looks like this:

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