One hairy yak – gone

So with three boys, sometimes we can go a while between haircuts. It isn’t anything personal. We just get busy and frankly it can cost a bit of change to take the boys in at one time.

Today, I took them. I took them to this place that I found that I liked because of the price and the did a decent job. We got there (fortunately close by) to find that it was temporarily closed for renovations. Not good! The place is in the parking lot with Walmart which I was going to anyway so it wasn’t a total loss. Walmart does have a salon too, they are just a bit more expensive.

We still needed haircuts.

Lance was up first…

I didn’t clue in fast enough to step over and get a “before” picture, so this is all we have. She worked fast!

All done! He has finally learned to smile after getting “spiky hair.”

Getting his hair cut and then waiting for his brothers does some strange things to him. Check out that face! How can you not love that face?

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