The inside please?

I am sure most of you were thinking that just posting the loaves of cinnamon raisin bread yesterday and how they went together was just cruel and unusual punishment. It probably was. So today, I will treat your eyes to what the inside of the loaves looked like.

Feast your eyes on this…

Yes, that is why my kids were begging me to cut a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread last night. That is why my kids were pleading with me to make it again.

That right there, with you salivating on yourself is the cruel and unusual punishment – pure torture!

See those slices of pure love, patience, and labor are what it is all about. The flavor? Yep they taste as good as they look. That loaf, disappeared as fast as it was cut. The fingers were coming faster than I could get it cut. Since the kids know how to interpret the looks on my face when I am wielding a knife, however, they were quickly withdrawn to a safer distance.

Since these loaves were a bit less crumbly on the outside (thank you very much), they toasted up much nicer. I might tell my children they are allowed to stick it in the toaster. I might not. Undecided.

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